Jewnity comes under the umbrella of Unity Theater. At Unity Theater, we believe that if we can imagine it, we can do it. In other words, we believe that with faith, hope and love, we can make our most amazing dreams come true. We collectively form and envision one world of peace, unity, love, justice and equality. We put our energy, efforts and collective work into a new world comprised of our fondest hopes, wishes and dreams for one collective future, as we create a world that works for all.

Unity Theater is a social attunement experience to calibrate humanity and our beloved world by collectively vibrating everyone to harmonize in the frequency of love, made possible through use of the expressive arts. As a catalyst for social change, healing, and transformation, we are currently forming an ensemble of versatile performers who can sing together, chant, vocalize, engage in movement, and reflect on sensitive cultural and social issues. These issues may be related to balancing power, examining and eliminating social oppression, cultivating kindness, peacebuilding and working for social justice. As a culturally diverse team, our cast members will also be able to facilitate intercultural dialogue, therapeutic healing, social reconciliation, and peace processes through various therapeutic modalities, for ourselves and for all of those with whom we share this world.