"Healing is the road & process to lasting peace." Elana Stanger



Jewnity is a state of open-hearted co-existence in which we aim to foster love and kindness, acceptance and belonging, bonding and unity between & among all of our good people. We are, together, building one Jewish, diverse & inclusive family. We welcome every Jew in the world. Every Jew is a good one. We all belong… together.

If you are reading this, it means that you and I have taken the time to become friends either at work, on social media, or in some other aspect of our busy lives. Open your heart to me as you would to someone you trust without a doubt or question– because you and I were strangers, together, in a strange land. We understand each other, although you and I may have never met in person.

As fellow Jewish People, we are a caring, warm, conscientious and responsible people. We are a people guided by morals and ethics. These were given to us on Mount Sinai, when we all stood together trembling before The Lord all night and we were fortunate to receive The Torah.

Our religion is not stagnant. Rather, it is a fecund place for aliveness and wilderness times also blossoming with new growth. This new growth holds the key not only for our own independent happiness, but also for the happiness of those around us. As Jewish People, we realize that Justice we shall pursue, and that True Justice is the predecessor to peaceful co-existence.

  • All Jews Are Jews
  • All Jews Are Good Jews
  • All Affiliations Are Welcome Including Those Who Haven’t Got One
  • We Aim to Recognize and Include All Jews– including those from Israel, The U.S.A., Canada, South America, Central America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Everywhere Else
  • Jews Are Citizens of Earth, Belonging to No Particular Nation, Although We Are Part of Everyone, Everywhere
  • Many Jews Serve A Higher Purpose or Calling
  • All Ethnicities, Races, Genders, Sexual Orientations, Abilities, Socioeconomic Groups, and Cultural Backgrounds Belong to Us
  • All Languages Are Spoken By Us (Hebrew is the Main Language Which Unites Us All)
  • We See the Divine Spark in One Another and In Everyone Else Because We Know It Lives Within Us Also
  • We Recognize Our Unity, Equality, and Welcome Bonding With All Humanity and All Life

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